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Maryland Travel Guide

August 21st, 2012 8:35 am

Maryland offers its fortunate visitors a multitude of natural, unforgettable vacation experiences. Plus, Maryland offers fantastic Maryland campgrounds and Maryland RV camping resorts which welcome travelers, many in both summer and winter months.

Savvy RV travelers will find Savage River State Forest, near the town of Grantsville in Maryland’s scenic western portion. The state’s biggest forest encompasses almost 53,000 acres on the mountainous Allegheny Plateau, comprised of a combination of woods, streams and fields, with almost half the acreage preserved as wildlands. Savage River’s visitors share hardwood forests of hickory, hemlock, black cherry and poplar with resident deer, black bears and bobcats. Rhododendrons and pink azaleas lend splashes of color to the landscape. Water-based recreation is provided by the Savage River Reservoir where anglers snag bass, walleye and elusive brook trout. Paddlers enjoy whitewater stretches just as surely as hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers and off-road vehicle enthusiasts appreciate Savage River’s well-developed system of multi-use trails. Outdoor activities in the forest span all four seasons, with winter snowfalls prompting an influx of cross-country skiers and snowmobile riders.

Another western Maryland gem is Deep Creek Lake State Park in Swanton. Located on the shores of the state’s largest lake, this park is set on the Allegheny Highlands Plateau at the southern edge of Meadow Mountain. Once inhabited by nomadic tribesmen and Native American hunters, the surrounding area now shelters resident species such as wild turkeys, skunks and opossums. Trails guide hikers through oak and hickory forests and up to the peak of Meadow Mountain. Swimming, fishing, tubing, sailing, skiing and hunting are favorite park pastimes. While winter welcomes ice fishermen and snowmobilers, summer guests can attend programs designed to promote equestrian skills, nature crafts, and fly-fishing. There are even horse-drawn wagon rides and bonfire parties to round out Deep Creek’s outdoorsy entertainment options.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is in southern Maryland on the eastern edge of the Chesapeake Bay in Cambridge. This preserve on the Delmarva Peninsula is a migration point and nesting site for more than 250 types of birds, including grebes, golden eagles, sandpipers, herons, loons and Canada geese. Other species, from monarch butterflies and river otters, to endangered Delmarva fox squirrels and Asian sika elks, can be viewed on Blackwater’s Wildlife Drive from the comfort and privacy of a car or your trusty RV. For quiet walks into the nooks and crannies of the refuge, designated foot trails help visitors trace the course of the Blackwater and Little Blackwater Rivers or meander with local critters through pine and hardwood forests.

Top 7 Things You Should Do in The Ocean City Of Maryland

July 10th, 2012 4:46 am

Maryland is a beautiful state that is most famous for their seafood. There are various events that take place in the month of February that celebrates Valentines as well as their seashore heritage. On Thursday evenings, the Kyma Restaurant features their Thursday Tasting Series. Here are the top 7 things that you should do when you are in Ocean City, Maryland:

1) Surfing and swimming

The waves are fantastic. Just park your car in any of the many perpendicular side streets opening up directly to the public beach. No entrance fees, no nothing. Just dive right in.

2) The Ocean City Boardwalk

It must certainly be among the top 10 broadwalks in the whole country. It’s wide and long and always full of folks young and old strutting their thing and consuming mega amounts of suntan oil and ice cream. Originally constructed between 1900 and 1915, the Boardwalk is still the place to be after a “hard day” on the beach.

3) Winterfest of Lights.

Who said Ocean City was only for summer fun? Check in on a November, December or January night and you might be surprised to find yourself in the midst of a forest of lights! You’ll remember the razzle dazzle of tens of thousands of light bulbs creating incredible holiday arches along the streets of the city for a long while.

4) Jet Boats and Pontoon Boats

Jet Boats and Pontoon Boats are for the fast, young and furious. Rent a “cigarette boat” from any of the several operators and cut through the sparkling blue waters like a knife through a blue cake. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

5) The Salisbury Zoo

It nearby has just celebrated its 50th year and is a great place to take the kids to. It’s located 27 miles west of Ocean City on Route 50. They’ve got bisons, jaguars, bald eagles and enough furry and wingy friends to keep our own two-legged wonders happy and quiet for an hour or two.

6) Assateague Island

ahh… just nearby, where packs of wild horses still roam free on the beach. What a great place to pitch your tent and spend a night or two in the bosom of nature. Ideal for campers and nature lovers, this U.S. National Park is very close to the Ocean City. It has 350 camp sites open from April through October.

7) Free Concerts on the Beach.

Visitors in July and August are in for this free treat on the beach. Tributes to Elvis, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffet and many other music greats are provided by the Ocean City Department of Recreation and Parks. Don’t miss the Labor Day Weekend concerts.